About The Storyline Slam


Each month, 10 storytellers take the stage to share a six-minute story. A panel of five judges then score their stories on a scale of ten, with the total maximum points available set at 30. The highest and lowest scores from the judges will be dropped and the remaining scores tallied to compile the storyteller's final score.

The storyteller with the most points at the end of the night wins! Ties are decided by a sole tiebreaker judge.

Scoring at The Storyline Slam

Founded in 2011 by Dan Hoen Hull, The Storyline is a series of live storytelling nights that create a space for diverse stories without checking boxes. Several storytelling shows have sprung from their origins within The Storyline Collective including ...And Then It Got Weird and The Whole Story. The Storyline Slam continues in that tradition as a monthly slam competition, aimed to further storytelling in The Valley and foster a spirit of fun in the community.

The Storyline Slam will be held at Changing Hands Bookstore at The Newton.

We have great storytelling shows here in Phoenix. The only thing we need is a regular slam.
— Dan Hoen Hull



Dan Hoen Hull

Dan Hoen Hull, The Storyline Slam

Dan Hoen Hull, The Storyline Slam